Welcome to CarbZone

CarbZone is a company that manufacture all natural and healthy food products with a low carbohydrate content that are rich in fibre and protein.

Under the brand LowCarb® and ProteinPlus® we offer a wide range of products such as pastas, chocolates, tortillas and protein bars. The idea is to be able to eat healthy, yet not having to sacrifice taste. These high quality products are especially appreciated by health-aware consumers, diabetics, bodybuilders and people who are interested in reducing their intake of carbohydrates.

Our Low Carb® products are sold in both stores and online. To find our UK resellers, please click the link resellers.

100% Climate neutral

CarbZone compensate for all their packaging and transport, and through Vi-skogen we are happy to be a 100% climate neutral company.


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  • Of course you can also find us on Social Media. On FaceBook and Instagram we will post news, competitions and fun receipes. 

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    All our products are certified ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 , FSSC 22000 , or IFS Food to ensure quality.

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