Low Carb® Organic Soya Snack - Natural Mix 10-pack

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Low Carb® Organic Soya Snack 
- No more potato chips!

A mixture of roasted soybeans, pumpkin and sunflower seeds - simple but delicious!

Low Carb® Organic Soya Snack - Natural Mix is loaded with protein (38g) and fiber (12g) and has a nutty and lightly salted taste. A tasty snack for the carbohydrate conscious that can be eaten instead of candy and chips and also be sprinkled over a salad for extra crispiness.

Our LowCarb® Soya Snacks are from a controlled organic production and guaranteed GMO-free. We only select those beans of the highest quality for our snacks.

The unique and patented roasting method provides a crunchy and nutty flavor. Under guidelines of the F.D.A. and the W.H.O. for evaluating protein quality, soy protein isolate is rated 1, which is the highest possible score. The quality of soy protein is thus equal to that of meat and milk proteins.

Low Carb® Organic Soya Snacks are available in three different flavors.

  • Low carbohydrate content - about 4.5 grams per bag.
  • High protein - 36-38 grams per 100g.
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • GMO-free
  • No added sugar
Ingredients: SOYA BEANS 61.5% *, pumpkin seeds * 19%, sunflower seeds * 19%, sea salt. * From organic farming.
Weight: 50g
Nutritional values per 100g: Energy 516kcal, 34g fat, 9.1g carbohydrates, of which sugars 2.5g, 12g fiber, 38g protein, 1.3g salt.

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