Sometimes it feels you are not losing any weight no matter what you do, and sometimes that is because of you without knowing it has added carbs. Therefore, you will find ten suggestions on how to make your new lifestyle more successful.


1. Know what you eat

    • The first thing you learn when starting a diet low in carbohydrates is what you can and cannot eat. Make sure you know so that you don't "think" it is low carb when it actually is not.
    • Learn how to read the ingredient list and nutritional values of the product.

2. Eat!

    • When on a low carb diet, you don't have to count calories but use some common sense. You know that excess calories do not go hand in hand with weight loss. But did you also know that too little calories enable you to have a slower digestion?

3. Eat regularly

    • No matter what stage you are in, you should eat three meals and two snacks each day.

4. Don't forget the snacks

    • Snacking is not the same as snacking between meals! Examples of snacks can be nuts, berries, or a Low Carb® bar.

5. It should be fun to eat - at home, in the restaurant or anywhere.

    • Other diets often make you become afraid to eat, and even worse, may force you to eat powders, shakes, etc., instead of real food. But that is not necessary if you eat right!

6. Drink water!

    • Actually, more water motivates your body to release the water weight you are carrying, so drink at least 8 glasses a day.

7. Eat your vitamins

    • Yes, don't forget them!

8. Be more active

    • Obviously, there are many benefits to exercise, but we also believe that it will help you reach your goals faster.

9. Try and get your family and friends involved

    • You may know what your goals are, but why don't you let your loved ones know about them? And if you need their help...make sure you ask for it.
    • It may also be easier for the whole family to start eating healthier if you do it together. Plus you do not have to cook two different meals each time.

10. Keep a diary

    • One suggestion is to visit your doctor for a health check-up before you start your new lifestyle. Then keep a diary on how you are feeling, what you eat, weight, etc. That way, when you make your next visit, you can be pleasantly surprised how much healthier you have become.