Complaint / Reclaims
  • CarbZone is not responsible for delays by our logistics partners.
    That is, even if you pay for next day delivery, and it is the logistics company's fault there is a delay, we will not refund you. Only, if it is CarbZone's fault the package is delayed will we issue a refund.
  • CarbZone is not responsible for packages that are not accepted by you and/or returned due to any fault in address or failure to contact shipper when asked.
    Returned packages are charged 5£ handling fee plus any return shipping fees.
  • A broken or wrongful product should be returned within 14 days.
    A new product will be sent to you free of charge. Always contact us before returning a product.
  • Order cancellations
    If you cancel the order before it has left our warehouse, we will do this free of charge. If the order has already been shipped, we will only refund you for the products, not shipping (see below)

If you want to get your money back then:
  • Items in which the original packaging is opened/destroyed/removed, content is missing and/or when the item is used, are not reimbursed.
  • Fresh produce is not repurchased.
  • In case of repurchase, the customer must first contact us for instructions.