Orders to Norway - sent by Swedish Posten Service.
Orders to Europe - sent with UPS.

Please note that fees for customs etc are paid by the buyer. 

Note! Fresh bread 
We can not guarantee delivery times outside of Sweden. Therefore, if you order our fresh bread this is at your own risk. The bread has a shelf life of only 7 days.

The ProteinPlus bread, on the other hand, has a long shelf life.

Below are estimated delivery times with UPS (DO NOT take this as an assurement that you will get fresh bread on time):

UPS Delivery Times

Shipping Fees:


Shipping fee:

Shipping fee:
(Denmark, Finland)
Shipping fee:
Shipping fee:
1 kg 199:- 198:- 599:- 429:-
1-3 kg 299:- 198:- 599:- 429:-
3-5 kg 399:- 239:- 599:- 429:-
5-10 kg 399:- 299:- 999:- 699:-